Our Story

Several years ago we lived in a fast paced city in your typical suburban neighborhood. We each owned stressful and demanding businesses in the medical profession. One day we realized that we wanted to work to live and not live to work. We wanted a simpler life where we could focus on the smaller pleasures in life and on family. We got on Zillow and put in parameters for our dream home. A year and a half later our patience was rewarded. Our dream house popped up and we made an offer that day!

Fast forward to today and we are hemp farmers. Our family moved to small town upstate New York. We are the proud owners of 14 chickens and a 60 acre slice of heaven in the most amazing little community.

At Scarp Farm we personally tend to all of our plants from seed to dried product with care and love. All of our product is organic. We have had all of our products third party tested so we know exactly what we give to you.